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Latest News.....

Well it’s been a busy time in my world and no doubt a busy time for many of you.  Firstly I would like to welcome our new car owners and drivers. Stumpy Holmes who is driving the Star Race Car LTD car, Troy Thorby and his son Cullern. Stumpy needs no introduction from his past driving in a rally car. Cullern is an up and coming kart driver who is on his next step in motorsport.
Round Four January at Taupo. 
This was the first race meeting for Mark following the purchase and repower of the ex-Gary Hughs car and the return to the track of my car following it’s Hayabusa install. 
A big thanks must go to all the wives and partners who help put on a lunch for all drivers and crew.
Congratulations to Neville who took the round win with the most points for the round.

Round Five February at Pukekohe. 
It was a sad qualifying session with a heavy crash sustained by Jeff. Jeff crashed into the tyre wall in the “S” entering the back straight. Once again the car is a testament to its design as Jeff walked away without injury. Apparently all four wheels were off the ground as Jeff cleared the grass. Great to have Lee, Ant’s wife and Raewyn, Mark’s wife there supporting.
Ants had the fastest lap for the meeting and the round win.

Round Six at Manfield. This meeting saw the return of Darryl Lucas after many years. What was interesting was how quickly Darryl was on the pace. We also saw the arrival of Steve Bangs’ car driven by Stumpy Holmes. All cars and drivers did double duty also racing with the Sports Car Class.
Martyn had enough points to take the round.

So what else has been happening. Once again Tony entered Leadfoot. Again Tony and his Star Car created interest. Tony and Jeff have been working on additional alterations to the shift system that Tony is using. Tony is using a “ Sharpe Shifter” with a clutch cylinder that is air operated to take the load off the gearbox on downshifts. This should make driving a race car far more enjoyable and reliable for Tony. 

Cullern has been out testing and has been sitting his race licence.
Mark Hartstone ran his Super Star Car at the recent Chester Plumbing Drag Meeting at Meremere running constantly in the 13sec time bracket. Fastest 4 cylinder there on the day and putting a number of V8 engine cars to shame.

The Mini fun Day in May has been cancelled. Costs have risen and numbers of entrants has decreased.

Craig 19/03/17

Important Information Pukekohe Round 11th-12th Feb.

This meeting is something new that race meeting organisers are trying. There will be quite a number of people there which offers us the chance to show them what a great race car we drive, incredible speed for sensible expenditure, resulting in great bang for your buck.
We need as many cars to enter as possible. The changes made to this track a few years back suits our cars. We have a great opportunity to promote our class to new drivers.
Yes we are racing on the Saturday only. There will be very little time between races, which isn’t such a bad thing.

Craig 26/01/17

AGM and Social Gathering

We hereby give notice that the 2016 AGM of Star Touring Car Association will be held on 9th July 2016 at 3:00pm in the meeting room at the Taupo Cosmopolitan Club, 5 – 7 Taniwha Street Taupo.
At the conclusion of the AGM a social gathering will take place at the same venue and dinner for those who wish to attend. Please RSVP for catering by 30th June with numbers attending the following:
· The AGM
· Dinner
This year our AGM is extremely important as we look at the following highly important items:
· Our new Super Star Car rules
· Amended Star Car Rules
· Our future plans for our class
· Development of our growth plan
All are welcome to attend. You must be a current financial member to vote. I have attached the membership form for all who have misplaced this. Please complete the form and return to myself by email and make payment as per the instructions on the form ASAP. This may seem minor to some, it is extremely important as we move forward as we are in the process of becoming an affiliated car club of Motor Sport New Zealand.
Regards, Craig 08/06/16

STAR Cars next season

I have been to the Mini club AGM this morning and all was pretty positive for next year.
Great to see a couple more 1100cc cars change hands and will be great to see them back on the track next season. New guy's feel free to ring me any time for parts or info on the cars to help you be running well and get to the meetings.

I am flat out working on cars for next season, changing more to Busa power so we will be looking to have ten or more Busa cars on the track at the start of the season. Get into your car now so we have a good number of cars for the first round which will be Labour weekend at Taupo, no excuses as you have had plenty of notice now.

What we do need is to get cars to the track each meeting, so for all those with cars it looks like we will be having seven rounds next season and the dates will be sent out shortly, get your diaries out and book the dates as soon as you get them so other things don't sneak in and ruin the racing program. We need all the cars we can get to be at the track each meeting, it is up to you guys to get the class humming, we all had a great time at Hampton last meeting and the racing was quick and exciting.

I am currently building a new car for racing with Stumpy Holmes having a crack at asphalt racing after making a name for himself on the NZ rally scene, this car will also be available for prospective buyers to test drive as well.

The latest rules are out so make sure your car is legal for next season as we will be checking all cars to make sure they are legal, our credibility as a class depends on being seen to be running to the rules of the class. We will be changing the approved dyno operator to be only D- tech in Tauranga so as to make sure the h.p of the cars is as close as possible. Get your car booked in asap so you are ready to race next season, they are very busy so you won't be able to leave it to the last minute, Seals will be needed to race, all cars will need to comply with the rules so make sure all control parts as per the rules are on your car and correct. If you are not sure ,e-mail me pics and I will look over them.

Regards Steve 22/05/16

Hampton Downs May 7-8

Another great finish to the season. We had seven cars there, 2 Star Cars, and five Super Star Cars. Tony arrived with his eyes hanging out. Thursday before the meeting he flew to Sydney arriving back in NZ at 1:30am Saturday, driving back to Tauranga to get his car and then travel to the track Saturday morning.

Practice : Martyn took pole as Jeff had an oil leak during qualifying, Norm was third fastest followed by Ants, Louis, Tony and Neville.

Race 1: Jeff wasted little time in getting on with it, having a great battle with Martyn and finally pulling out a small lead. Norm had a slow start finally finishing third ahead of Louis, Ants, Tony and Neville.

The BBQ was cranked up and a few cold ones to finish off the day. It was great having the Mini boys join in. Mark Hartstone was there introducing himself to the drivers. Mark has purchased Gary’s car and already has a Hayabusa sitting in the workshop to fit.

Sunday’s first race saw Martyn have a DNF, with Neville being the first STC over the line, Tony second and the balance following them in. Neville’s car was put on the Mini scales and a bit of corner weighting done which made a big difference.

The finishing order with fading light was Martyn, Jeff, Tony, Neville Ants and Norm.

With the winter rebuild phase now in focus I can gladly say that my car is stripped and heading to Taupo this weekend. Ross Carter has told me he is returning next season, The Charlton car has changed hands and will have a Busa installed over winter. Callan is planning a return next season with Busa power. Add to the list Darryl’s car, Mark in #51 and Steve with the STC Ltd car, that’s seven more Busa powered cars.

STC AGM will be next month. If you want to be involved on the committee please don’t hold back. The BBQ’s have been a great addition to the weekend. Fran and myself are happy to continue to organise these.

Until next time, Craig 19/05/16

Taupo March 26-27

Well it’s been a busy week following the latest round.  Great to see an additional two cars returning to the field with new drivers. Welcome to the class Neville, Terry and Kevin. Neville has purchased Spike’s old car and Terry purchased Shane’s old car.  I hear on the grape vine that the Charlton car has recently changed hands and will be at Hampton Downs in May.
We had some great racing with Martyn and Jeff leading the way with 1:39 lap times. The track was slick following the rain which was testing the drivers during qualifying and race one.  Martyn chased Jeff all race long with millimeters between the two as they crossed the finish line flanking Neville with Martyn getting the win. Ant had a trouble free run following the headaches he has experienced since the rebuild of his car. Louis was ever consistent as usual. As expected when a car has been sitting idle for a few years Terry and Kevin had a few teething problems. Tony had a great race long battle with Even in his Mini.
Race two saw Jeff have a DNF with a rear suspension mount failure leaving the door open for Martyn to another win. Both Tony and Neville started with the Miglia cars. So the finishing order was Martyn, Ant, Kevin, Louis, Tony and Neville.
Jeff was back for race three after a speedy repair. Tony had a spin which resulted in a failed starter motor and was unable to re-join the race.  There was confusion at the start with both Jeff and Martyn starting on the incorrect flag drop, resulting in a time penalty being applied to both of them. So the finishing order was Kevin, Ant, Martyn, Louis and Jeff.
Saturday was capped off with a BBQ in the pits. It was great to finish the day with a social gathering to welcome the new drivers and families to the class. A big thank you must go to the wife’s who prepared the BBQ. Also I would like to thank Tony for taking the time to design, build and donate a trophy. This will be presented each Saturday to the winner of the previous round. It was a pleasure to present it to Jeff who won the previous round.
We are seeing a lot of interest in the class at present. We currently have several cars for sale.
See you all at the next meeting. Craig 4/4/16

Ramblings from the Deep South.

Once again the racing season of the Southland Sports Car Club has drawn to a close. For the second year running Todd Blackmun has won the up to 1300c.c. class in Clubman’s  Salons  – the class that we run our Star Cars in down here. At the February ‘Speedfest’ meeting (always the biggest Club meeting) we had 3 Star cars running.
It is a wee bit like trying to herd cats to get everyone going together. Of the 8 cars down here we only have 2 running consistently and we are trying to encourage more involvement.

Wal Willmott 24/0316

Don’t forget to get your entries in for Taupo at Easter. We will be having a BBQ in the pits after racing on Saturday.
See you there.Craig 9/03/16

Manfield results.

It was great to see Norm back out on the track for the first time since last season and Tony making a return to Manfield after a good number of years. Once again the time sheets were headed by Jeff and Martyn lapping the circuit in the 1:15 bracket.

It was also the North Island round of the NZ Mini 7 Championship. Due to the lack of Mini 7, they raced with us, so all other classes in the Super Mini Challenge were affected by the split grid delay start. Our concerns were voiced to the race co-ordinator and others. Ant, Norm and Martyn all had minor issues which should be sorted by the next round. Jeff’s vibration issue found and repaired on Sunday. The universal joint replaced after ten years of racing. Martyn, Jeff and Norm also entered the GTRNZ GT3 GT4 race. They upset a few in the GT3 class with the fast lap times of our Star Cars. Martyn got a “Welcome to our class” tap which moved him across the track. The racing was exciting and had better handicapping. The slowest GT4 car was lapping Manfield at 1:20.

Next season will be interesting for a number of reasons. Increased number of Star Cars as a few cars have changed hands, a new car is being built and the return of some drivers after switching to the Hayabusas which is generating alot more interest with the public.

Our next round is Taupo at Easter weekend. We will be having a BBQ on Saturday in the pits after racing. Tony has offered to supply Star Touring Cars with a trophy which will be presents at each round. Get your entries in and chase the trophy.

I will be sending out the draft rules for our class after a re-write, tidy up, update. This will follow with a notice for our AGM to vote these in.

See you all at Taupo. Craig McCall 29/02/16

Thunder in the Park

Well Thunder in The Park lived up to the expectations we have come to expect. It was great to see Ant and Martyn back out on the track after their rebuilds of their cars. I must make mention of the workmanship that Martyn has performed on his conversion. The bar has been set high, his car looks great. It won’t be long before he is snapping at the heels of Jeff.  Jeff dropped his lap times over the weekend with a fastest lap of 1:12:9. Very impressive.
Race Two saw a great battle between Ant’s, Gary and Louis, the GSXR1100 taking on two Hayabusa cars. It was great racing, which ended in tears as Gary crossed the finish line in a car filled with smoke.
It was great to see the support of car owners, not racing make the effort to be there for the ones competing.
Ross is hoping to have his car ready for the next round at Hampton Downs. Steve and Jeff are working hard with Tony to make his car easier for him to drive with his hand controls.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Craig 4/12/15

Series 2015-2016 and New Super STAR Car Rules

It’s been a busy week with the AGM and the Opening round of the 2015 – 16 season. Our next round is at Taupo at the end of the month, Saturday 31th to Sunday 1st November. Entries close Thursday 15th October with Kevin Sweeny. You will need to also complete the SMC Series Entry form and pay the fee if you haven’t already. I look forward to seeing some more Star Cars out there showing the public a great class with lots of bang for your buck!

Just a reminder to make a note on your thoughts of the Super Star Rules. The committee will be notifying you in the near future of a Special AGM to pass these rules. We know the draft need’s a tidy up, so don’t hold back.

I would like to thank Norm for all his hard work over the years as Chair of Star Touring Cars. I hope to continue his work in holding this class together and build on all the good work he has done.

Best Regards, Craig McCall 6/10/15

New Rules

As we are running two classes this year and there are a number of rule changes it is important to make sure that any changes made to your cars are relevant to the class you will be running in. If you are not sure check with Steve.
JP 18/09/14

Series Info 2013-2014

For the first time the IRC is offering a cup series to each member club for its drivers to compete to become the Series Champion at the four North Island Circuits. The cups will be awarded to first, second and third highest points scorers at the four official rounds. Prize giving will be held on Sunday night at the conclusion of R4 at Taupo with all IRC members invited to attend.

Then there is the two unofficial rounds. These rounds are offered by the Race Organising Clubs of the IRC and are not official rounds but all IRC clubs are invited. Minimum grids will not apply at these rounds and the ROC may offer grids to non-IRC groups.

Regards, Norm McLeod 18/09/14

Series Info 2013-2014

It's been a bit of an interesting winter with a couple of cars that have been in sheds being sold and heading back to the track this summer and some of the old boys getting interested in racing again, so I am looking forward to some good fields and great racing this year.

The mini guy's are looking to scrutineer our cars as well, so make sure you are up to spec as per the rule book.

We are wanting all cars dynoed as what we are proposing to do is run two Star car classes, STAR Cars will be as per the rule book with all cars dynoed and running a STAR Cars front window banner to gain points in the series. The second class will be "Super STAR Cars " which will be for hayabusa powered cars and those that don't comply with the STAR Car rules, basicly if you run an engine which is not in the rule book by horsepower or type, or your car is running a LSD diff or anything else that doesn't comply with the rule book you are racing with the hayabusa cars for points. This will be on the agenda of the AGM that Norm will anounce shortly, along with any other items you want addressed ,so let Norm Know what is on your mind.

All good, so lets get those cars sorted and get out there at Labour weekend in Taupo and have some fun at the first round of the IRC series.

Cheers Steve. 16/07/13

Manfield 23-24th Feb

Looking forward to seeing more of you at Manfield next weekend. 23-24th Feb. The racing with the mini,s has been great so far and they are enjoying the extra cars as well. The tech guy's from the mini's are wanting to help with the keeping within the rules for the STAR Cars so they will in future be looking over the cars to make sure they are up to scratch.

Could you all get your cars within the rules, starting with the STAR CAR window banner would be good so we promote our class in the racing we are doing, hope we can get some more guy's to the track for the next couple of meetings, will be looking forward to catching up with those who haven't managed to get there yet.

Cheers Steve 12/2/13.

Overheating problems

Anyone having overheating problems should talk to Martyn Todd, he has found that by adding another oil cooler to the oil feed line to the head can drastically reduce engine oil temperature. He does this by modifying the line so fittings can be fitted to divert the oil through a second cooler. I fitted one to my car and my hot temp has dropped by about 90°F which is equal to 32.2 °C.

See also Tech Talk at the bottom of the maintenance schedule page for more oil temp info.

Cheers JP 8/1/13

Taupo Round 4

Next meeting is Taupo (NOTE THE DATE IS CHANGED to the IRC round on the 26-27th) January so get your ^%$#*& sorted over Xmas and join us for some fun racing.

Get entered as soon as you can and lets get together and see how many cars we can get on the grid.
Cheers Steve 3/12/12


An interesting weekend with a great day weather wise on saturday and a bit of fun on the track and then Sunday started with shite weather and then cleared up for our first race of the day with the last three laps in a light rain which made the track just a little slippery. Then the heavens opened up and we spent the next few hours under shelter wondering if we needed paddles for the last race of the meeting, but it stopped and the race was run in the dry with a couple of softies having loaded up due the the damp (read torrential rain ) but all was dry and all that did venture out on the track enjoyed the racing.
Cheers Steve. 3/12/12


Well I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the Taupo meeting Labour weekend, Hope you all have your cars ready , up to speed, nuts and bolts tight, tyres pumped up and raring to go. Be great to see a big turnout of cars as this is the real start of the season for us, I presume you all watched Bathurst and are fired up to go racing so I look forward to see your smiling faces.

Cheers Steve.15/10/12

Important News

I have been in communication with the IRC over the past months and finally I can announce that they (the IRC) have agreed to a combined grid being the Mini's and the Star Touring Cars. As the Mini's have the official IRC category we will combine with them (off the back of their grid) in a similar fashion to the manner in which we raced with the Sports Cars.

I trust you will all agree with the proposal and my apologies for the late notice, the negotiations got rather protracted with other goings on within the Motorsport fraternity.

Kind Regards Norm McLeod 17/09/12

Series info

Hope you are all getting things sorted for the summer series, we will be running a points series with trophies for the winners.

There are seven rounds and I think the best way of running this is to count six rounds points ,leaving the worst round out if you have a DNF etc, remember that the car is running for the series so if you can't make it to the meetings,you can still lend/hire out your car to get points to add to your total.

Rules will be adhered to for the series , last year was very low key but this year we need to be seen to be on to things a lot more so. Cars must be dyno,d and have the sheet with the log book at each round, seals will be provided to each dyno operator ( Bob Homewood , Auck and Paul Issacs at IPV in Taupo) no excuses, it will also help you to know that your car is running right and show you what HP it is putting out compared to other cars.

Check the rule book to make sure your car is up to spec, all cars will be scrutineered to the rule book at the meetings and will not receive points at that meeting if they are not up to scratch.

Looking forward to a good year and fun at the track.

Cheers Steve 5/8/12

Next Season

I expect that you are all getting your cars ready for the summer season, if not why not? ha ha. I have made an air duct for the oil coolers to help get the temps down a bit, they are fibreglass and are getting made at the moment. Not sure on price yet but will send out pictures as soon as they are made and will have a price as well around the end of next week.

Have fibre glass front inner guards also which stop most of the rain on wet days, anyone who wants new R888 for the summer , order early so you are assured of getting them before racing starts.

Look forward to seeing you all at the track for the first meeting.

cheers Steve 2/8/12

IRC specific instruction !!!

At a recent meeting of the IRC management it was pointed out that some of the Star Car entrants are entering the meetings by paying the entry fees to the Race Organising Club.

This is unacceptable, "ALL" entry fees must be paid directly to the NZ Sportcars as per previous instruction. Regards, Norm 23rd January.

You may have received an email from Lloyd Wilson (NZ Sportscars) re the Tasman Revival Race meeting at Taupo on 14/15 Jan 2012. This is a non IRC Round which you / we are not required to enter. You can however if you are busting to go racing join the Sportscars at this event.

Regards, Norm 31st December.

Joint Grid Agreement:

We have now signed the Joint Grid Agreement between "New Zealand Sports Car Racing Incorporated" and our own "Star Touring Car Association Incorporated". The key point to note from the agreement is the Minimum Grid requirement for each meeting, this has been set at Seven (7) entries (Cars) per meeting. If we cannot meet the minimum grid requirement for our category we (the Association) will be required to pay the Short Grid Payment meaning the shortfall in entry fees created by any less than 7 entries.

Naturally we don't this situation to occur as it just erodes the Associations funds.

As you can appreciate this series has taken a lot of work to organize, all we can ask now is that those of you that are keen to go racing please indicate to me immediately so that I can form some surety that we can meet the Minimum Grid requirement. Regards, Norm McLeod 06/10/2011

It's definitely been a long winded affair but we are finally there, a joint heads of agreement has been negotiated between NZ Sports Car Racing and the Star Touring Car Assn. As per last session we will be running off the back of the Sports Cars at "ALL" of the IRC Rounds. We have now got guaranteed racing through until 2012 which effectively means we have a race series. From Norm 31/8/2011

At Manfield they will be having a function on Saturday night at the Denbigh Hotel in Fielding. Cash prizes, BBQ will be there plus some special prices for drinks. Rugby World cup games on the big screen for those of you that way inclined...

IRC Information required:

The IRC are in the process of updating their website, they have a requirement for our category to provide the following information immediately. Can you please come back to me ASAP with the information requested;

We require a "Driver Bio" from each of you, please assist by filling out the attached profile sent in Norms email, please also include a "Hi Res" pic of your car suitable for addition to our website. From Norm 31/8/2011

Has anyone got good STAR Car action photos and video footage that can be uploaded to You Tube?
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will put them up on the site.